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I do product and project management in areas related to civic technology, data, and music/media projects. I have an academic research background as well as experience founding many initiatives in the fields above. This website is a pretty good reflection of my approach in general: simple, direct, and accessible both on the front-end and back.

More recently I've been involved with projects related to cryptocurrencies and may be open to opportunities in that area if it's a right fit.

Email me at ryangtanaka@gmail.com if you'd like to chat more!

Resume: Google Docs

Projects and Writings | Work Experience | Education | Skills

Projects and Writings

Code for America/San Francisco Fire Risk Project

An address-searchable interactive map that displays fire incidents and risk-factors in the San Francisco area. Uses SF OpenData's API to keep the information up to date. The project is hosted by Code for America and Code for San Francisco. (Main speaker for the project at Code for America's 2017 Brigade Congress.)

GitHub Repo (Wiki contains detailed information about the project.)

Historical Salary Requirements for Home Ownership in the United States

A historical look at salary requirements for home ownership in the United States in major metro areas. A project done for Data4America, a non-partisan political non-profit group that attempts to bring data science and data-driven approaches to issues related to politics and government.

Historical Salary Requirements for Home Ownership in the US (Animated GIF Version)

Connecting Game Developers to Let's Players and Streamers (Case Study for Twitch)

As both a streamer and developer, I often find that there's often misunderstandings and miscommunications between let's players, live streamers, and game developers in the gaming ecosystem. What can be done to bridge this gap?

Product Proposal and PRD: Bug-Reporting and Feature-Request Tool for Twitch (Product Document Sample)

Time Segmentation Tools for Content Analysis and Promotion

Given the abundance of content on the internet, the time of day that you choose to publish, promote, or distribute your content is increasingly becoming an important decision for content-makers and distributors to know. What are the best practices surrounding this approach?

When's the Best Time to Tweet? (Data Analysis)

Timing is Everything (Strategy)

Time Segmentation for Pandora Radio (Case Study) | Slides | Product Requirement Document

Building Democratic Social Systems on the Internet

One of my more ambitious projects -- an attempt to normalize the act of holding elections on the internet itself. Democracy is basically administrative privileges, segmented by time. An argument in favor of using voting systems in order to increase user engagement for the long-term.

I Ran an Election with an Online Community and Here's What Happened (Article)

Time Segmentation and Politics: Building Democracy on the Internet (Article)

Building Democracy on the Internet Part 2 (Article)

The Future of Live Video

As people's trust in media sources wane, the unscripted "live" experience will become that much more important in order for people and companies to maintain their sense of authenticity. A closer look into the strategies and specifics of each platform.

Live Video - Facebook's Savior? (Article)

The Future of Live Video (Article)

Twitter Periscope vs. Facebook Live (Article)

Mobile Games: Time is Money

When people jump the shark and actually pay for free-to-play games, what exactly are they paying for?

Mobile Gaming: (Time = Money) -> Quality of Life (Article)

The Arts and Blockchain Technology (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

How blockchain technology could potentially revolutionize the way content is made and distributed over the internet.

Artists on the Blockchain (Article)

Music Tech: How to Make Pied Piper Work in Real Life (Article)

Work Experience
City of San Francisco - Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development colorstd-R
Data Specialist @ San Francisco MOHCD (2017-)
- Modernized the city's data storage, entry processes, and data architectures related to the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development's affordable housing pipeline and business documents. (Spreadsheets/MS Access -> Salesforce Database)

- Improved staff's productivity and turnaround time through efficiency improvements and training in Salesforce environments. (ex. Certificate of Preference and Displaced Tenants Housing Program)

- Integrated workflow improvements into MOHCD's DAHLIA San Francisco Affordable Housing Portal (https://housing.sfgov.org/)

Shop.co colorstd-R
Product, Artificial Intelligence and Automation @ Shop.co (2016-2017)
- Participated in machine learning "training" exercises in order for the AI to better identify shopping networks and input forms.

- Analyzed and identified data trends found in company's user activities in Mixpanel.

YourSports colorstd-R
Product Manager, Data Engineer at YourSports (2014-2016)
- Supervised all data-related projects for the US-based team. Created socially networked entities for Stanford, Foster Farm Bowl, Nike, and Russel Wilson (YourSports investor) which lead to sponsorship, advertisement, and partnership opportunities for the company.

- Reduced data migration time by 90% by transitioning the company from an Excel to cloud-based internal processing tool. The tool allowed executives and volunteers to participate directly in the data import process, allowing for the process itself to scale.

- Improved CEO's ability to manage developers by creating executive level documentation for data projects.

- Recruited, managed, and trained data engineers, interns, and contractors towards ongoing data-acquisition and verification projects. (4-5 engineers and 1-2 interns per team) - Scrum/Agile management implementation and certification.

- Project lead for YourSports' Google Fusion project -- integration of 25000+ college-level sports players' hometown/birthplace with Google Maps' API.

- Collected 10 million+ data entities using Casper.js library. Script pulled data from Freebase, WikiData, Wikipedia, and various other public sources online.

- Reduced turnaround time by 30% by creating ETL guidelines for engineers and data-entry workers. (Excel to ElasticSearch conversion.)

- Project lead in the "YourSports X" project: All things related to non-sports data. (Music, politics, military, celebrities.)

- Created comprehensive map of U.S. military social and professional organizations from battalion level upwards. Includes naval ship organizations and Air Force squadrons by branch and service dates.

City of Santa Monica, Web Development Team colorstd-R
Web Developer/Designer, Content Editor
- Web development/design, content editing for the City of Santa Monica’s Tongva Park and Youth Well-being projects.

- Placeholder site for Tongva Park. Front-end development and data management for the Youth Well-being search portal project.

University of Southern California: Digital Imaging Lab usc
Digitization Technician and Archivist
- Designed and wrote technical manuals for scanning software, geared towards staff and student workers. (Kofax Express and Capture Pro 4.0, Adobe Audition)

UCLA: Southern Regional Library Facility uclalogo
Digitization and Project Coordinator
Stokes Project Technician

- Project lead for UCLA's mass-digitization pilot project, the 'Stokes Machine'. Possible to scan 400+ ultra high quality, archive-ready images per day. Worked with lead developer of the machine to debug and increase efficiency of its output over 6 months.

UCLA/OCA Project Coordinator

- Coordinated efforts between UCLA and the Internet Archives for their digitization projects. Avg. output: 1500 books/week.

Product School: San Francisco
Product Management Certification, 2016
University of Southern California
Musicology, PhD Candidate
California Institute of the Arts
Music Composition-Performance, MFA
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Music Composition-Theory, BA
Engineering Major Prior to Music

HTML, CSS, WordPress
MySQL, SQL, Python/R, Mixpanel, Salesforce

Computer Skills

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, Video Workshop, etc.)
MadCap Flare, Adobe Framemaker
Audio Engineering (Audition, Audacity, ProTools)
Sharepoint, Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint
Prototype/Experimental Product Testing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Promotion/Interaction


Research (Academic, Technical, Journalism)
Public Speaking and Presentations
Librarianship and Information Systems


Bilingual Japanese/English: Reading, Writing, Spoken


Lean and Agile Software Development